Wreck of the Scottish Prince


Off Main Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland

The Dive

Although only 10m at maximum depth this site can be challenging to access due to the fact it lies just outside the surf zone. Early morning after a day of low (preferably Southerly) winds is the best time to head out. You COULD surface swim or scooter out to the Scottish Prince from Main Beach, but I wouldn’t advise it.
This is an easy dive on the right day, suitable for OW divers and beginners. Even your snorkelling buddies will get a kick out of this one.
At 10m (max) the wreck is one of the most accessible in SEQ/NSW, home to dozens of different fish, rays and nudibranchs (as well as a decent population of hermit crabs) there’s always plenty to see on the Prince. Visibility varies, however is best after some light Southerlies and early in the morning. (We have seen 25+m vis on a good day)

The main hazard is the surf in this area, and surface conditions can change quite rapidly during the course of a dive, if diving from a private boat, check your anchor on descent. There is also a shark net in the area which could foul a prop while looking for the wreck.
The site itself is home to stingrays, stonefish and the usual SEQ marine hazards. Also look out for spearfisherman and the odd cormorant coming at your head…

SBB Dive Rating
9/10 – easy to access, great for beginners, abundant life and just plain fun.

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